Porcelain Vessels Pummeled in Unfortunate Accidents by Laurent Craste

Montreal-based artist Laurent Craste has a penchant for decorative objects, exploring their meaning by more or less beating up the porcelain objects. Craste intervenes with history, morphing the staid and decorative nature of each vase or dish into a moment of comical misfortune. These accidents that are not necessarily happy ones, but ones that involve knives, bats, and nails penetrating each piece.

“I regard the inventory of original models from the main 18th and 19th century European porcelain manufacturers and use these models as a basis for research on the status of the collectibles, by subjecting them to a practice of deconstruction and violent alteration of their formal structures, or by contaminating their traditional decorations through a subversive process of subject substitution,” said Craste in his artist statement.

You can see more damaged vessels on his website.